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Database adapters

Feathers database adapters are modules that provide services that implement standard CRUD functionality for a specific database using a common API for initialization and settings and providing a common query syntax.

Important: Services allow to implement access to any database, the database adapters listed here are just convenience wrappers with a common API. You can still get Feathers functionality for databases that are not listed here. Also have a look at the list of community database adapters

The following databases are supported:

Database Adapter
In memory feathers-memory, feathers-nedb
Localstorage, AsyncStorage feathers-localstorage
Filesystem feathers-nedb
MongoDB feathers-mongodb, feathers-mongoose
MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, SQLite, MSSQL feathers-knex, feathers-sequelize
Elasticsearch feathers-elasticsearch
RethinkDB feathers-rethinkdb




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