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This section describes all the APIs of Feathers and its individual modules.

  • Core: Feathers core functionality
    • Application - The main Feathers application API
    • Services - Service objects and their methods and Feathers specific functionality
    • Hooks - Pluggable middleware for service methods
    • Events - Events sent by Feathers service methods
    • Channels - Decide what events to send to connected real-time clients
    • Errors - A collection of error classes used throughout Feathers
    • Configuration - A node-config wrapper to initialize configuration of a server side application.
  • Transports: Expose a Feathers application as an API server
    • Express - Feathers Express framework bindings, REST API provider and error middleware.
    • - The real-time transport provider
    • Primus - The Primus real-time transport provider
  • Client: More details on how to use Feathers on the client
    • Usage - Feathers client usage in Node, React Native and the browser (also with Webpack and Browserify)
    • REST - Feathers client and direct REST API server usage
    • - Feathers client and direct API server usage
    • Primus - Feathers client and direct Primus API server usage
  • Authentication: Feathers authentication mechanism
    • Server - The main authentication server configuration
    • Client - A client for a Feathers authentication server
    • Local - Local email/password authentication
    • JWT - JWT authentication
    • OAuth1 - Obtain a JWT through oAuth1
    • OAuth2 - Obtain a JWT through oAuth2
  • Database: Feathers common database adapter API and querying mechanism
    • Adapters - A list of supported database adapters
    • Common API - Database adapter common initialization and configuration API
    • Querying - The common querying mechanism

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